Story is amazing in art, but sometimes you need writing along with the pictures to convey or connect with the characters.

Nixie and the Blue Eggs (Front Cover)

Nixie lost her parents several years ago and has been pushing the emotions down instead of dealing with them.

However, one day she discovers an abandoned nest with blue eggs. As she tries to take care of them, she's confronted with the loss of her dad and must decide how she will react.

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Nixie and the Blue Eggs (Inside Preview)

A look at the inside of the printed copy of Nixie and the Blue Eggs.

The locally printed copies are available for $20. 

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Sneak Peak Of A Story in Progress

Here's a sneak peak of a story I'm working on!

This story, inspired by my journey with anxiety, follows Nixie on an adventure on the ocean as she seeks to find the truth behind her parents' deaths and does her best to protect those she loves.

Her journey will take place in a trilogy of young adult speculative fiction novels. My goal is to write them from her perspective and have the novels include her doodles, ink paintings, and photocopies of items she finds along the journey.

Her prequel story, "Nixie and the Blue Eggs", combines full page illustrations and pages from her journal, complete with her sketches and notes.

Two flash fiction pieces from Nixie's world have been published by Havok Publishing. "Not Again", followed by a mini adventure with Nixie and Miki (her sea otter), was published on January 16th, 2020. "Dangerous Advice" was published on February 20th, 2020, following the path of the king of Nixie's world, Victor.

Stay tuned for more information!