Luke and Leia Art Return of the Jedi Endor Star Wars Art

One of my favorite moments in Star Wars is this scene with Luke and Leia on Endor. With a beautiful moonlit backdrop, Luke and Leia have a moment of quiet, during which Luke tells Leia she is his sister. John Williams score adds to the beauty and quiet of this scene.

And in spite of the fact that Luke is now heading off to danger, there’s a peace and longing about him that comes across so well. I love it.
I wanted to convey some of that peace here. I took a 4+ year break in between painting the background and painting Luke and Leia, but it’s finally finished and now I can place where I can see it to help brighten weary days.
If you love Star Wars and need a peaceful painting in your home, this print is just for you.

Print Size - 11 by 8.5 inches

This archival print comes with an envelope and will be safely packaged inside a plastic sleeve with a stiff back to prevent the print from being damaged. Feel free to send me a message if you have any questions. Shipping included with the price.


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